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01 Jun, 2022

Custom Apps vs Template Apps

In almost all endeavors we do, we associate customizability with something positive – something better. In the business field, the same argument goes for custom mobile app development. Hence, a Mobile App Development Agency might ask you, “Why settle for crummy, unoriginal app templates if you’re aiming for an app that delivers what you need and you’ll be more willing to grow along with your business?”

The keyword is “need”, though, particularly how almost all custom apps perform better with that in mind.


Custom Apps vs Template Apps:

You’ll most probably agree that every business is unique. The way you keep your processes smoothly flowing allows you stand to out from the competition. More often than not, two or more inimitable features and facets serve as the keys to this.

That being said, you should already have an idea of why most business owners prefer custom mobile app development over template apps and other available options.

It All Stems From Your Business’s Primary Needs

What’s one of the most important preliminary steps to take before building mobile applications? Figuring out your target’s problems and solving them, while offering other useful benefits along the way.

At least, that’s almost always one of your business’s main, long-term goals. Simply put, custom mobile app development is more attuned to achieving them than template applications. A good analogy is you’re aiming to train an entire battalion with custom apps rather than rearing a specialized unit that’s an expert in getting one job done (and ensuring it’s done exceptionally well).

Ready made mobile apps built with templates may be helpful and cost-effective in raising brand awareness, for example. On the other hand, if you’re pushing for overall business growth, custom apps are your best friend.

Keep Costs in Mind

Not staying on top of costs can cripple the app development process – with some projects being abandoned entirely because of it. Template apps offer the ready benefit of being far less costly and quicker to develop.

However, there’s no rivaling the capabilities of fully custom apps when it comes to not only providing what the business needs but greatly aiding in branding as well. You may enjoy the advantage of frequent updates with template apps, but the better marketability of custom apps may overshadow them in the long run, allowing you to achieve, if not surpass, your revenue goals.


Where Custom Apps Shine the Most:

May Be More Cost-Effective Long Term

Consider scenarios where businesses that developed template apps, ended up having to update frequently to solve issues or even scrapping them and starting over altogether. If you work with custom mobile app developers that will build and perfect your app over time, you’ll be able to save more on long-term costs.

You Get the Confidentiality You Need

Custom apps tend to be more secure because of this. Ready-made apps can be easily hacked because they’re not readily accessible. You safeguard your original ideas in the process, and the developers feel safer and can work uninterrupted. This is exactly why user-centric apps, which deal with sensitive information, tend to be custom-made.

An Excellent Choice for Those Who Can Wait

Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re sticking to the same adage when building your latest app, custom’s your best bet.

Even so, it can be argued that the usual time it takes to build custom apps can be shortened if you work with a good app builder or, if you’re building a game, an Android app development company. More than likely, they’ll have the app development tools ready for use already, after all.



Puts You in a Better Position To Meet User Expectations

This is every business’s desire, if not its main goal. Template apps often fail in this regard because of their glaring limitations. On the contrary, mobile app development platforms can attest to the sophisticated customization now possible in specific areas such as Android app development.

Delivers Originality

And, for many, it’s much-needed. Your app will inevitably bite the dust if its mobile UI/UX is a carbon copy of another hit game.

Providing what your audience demands can only be effectively done with custom solutions.

If Your App Addresses a Long-Lasting Need

Again, this goes back to a custom app’s ability to grow with your business. If you’re imparting something whose demand won’t be going away any time soon and may even slightly change, why not build an app that’s more amenable to it?

The Myriad Reasons Why Custom Apps Boost Businesses

It’s Highly Scalable

And shouldn’t every platform that handles business processes be as such? The alternative only points to stagnation, which is a state every business should undoubtedly avoid like the plague.

Custom app development, since it’s focused on the long-term, may easily integrate mobile app development trends, thus, delivering high-value, unique solutions as time goes by. In short, it’s built with growth as a priority, unlike the alternative.

Satisfies Customers Better and Builds Their Trust

Though most may not state it candidly, customers crave customization. Who wouldn’t want to have a personalized shopping experience?

Custom apps can deliver a far superior customer experience because they can be molded true to your visions and your users’ feedback – often because they’re unbound and unrestricted. Startup app development services advise custom development to first-time business owners for this reason.

Once you offer personalized solutions, this only boosts your audience’s trust and loyalty. It shows you’re listening to their concerns.

You Get More Control and Security

Without a doubt, every serious business owner can’t get enough of both. With template apps, your hands are essentially bound, especially if compared with the ample control you can enjoy from developing custom apps. The same can be said for security, which remains a top issue in mobile app development at present.

Enjoy More Meaningful Digital Interactions

In this day and age, we tend to not enter a physical with the intent of buying, unless we’ve already researched about it online. Interactions with the customers start online, underlining the importance of mobile app promotions.

Without a customized platform to work with, it may be hard to offer more convenient ways with which you can interact with your audience and effectively remedy their issues.

Allows You to Market Better

Who says digital marketing services are the end-all and be-all of raising business profits? How effectively you market can already be determined by how you build your app.



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